Wireless Video Streamer

Wireless Video Streamer
High quality coverage on your
HDTV around the home.

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Wireless Video Streamer

View and control any HD source device wirlessly from another room with this simple to install Wireless streamer.

Now watch full 1080i Full HD easily in another room without running any new cables. SImple plug and play.

Extreme range allows product to operate in most modern homes.

Was: £239.99
Now: £139.99

Expand your wireless HD system by adding further receivers.

Now available, additional receiver so you can expand your HD system to mutliple other locations in your home upto a maximum of 3 receivers.

Kit comes complete with receiver unit, wall and shelf mounting and instruction guide to allow you to pair the unit with existing system.

Was: £189.99
Now: £79.99

Upgrade your existing HD wireless system to HD Live!!!